Evaporator Coil Cleaning & Repair in Mandeville and Slidell

The AC evaporator coil is a crucial component of your air conditioner, which is why you must keep it clean and in good condition. Call Albers Air Conditioning for expert AC evaporator coil cleaning today!

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What Is an Evaporator Coil?

An evaporator coil is the part of your air conditioner that absorbs heat from the air inside your home. Many people think their air conditioners produce cold air, but that’s not true; they remove the heat from the air, which makes it cold.

The evaporated refrigerant flows through the evaporator coil pumped by the compressor. When the blower fan pushes warm air over the coil, the refrigerant in the evaporator removes the heat, which makes the air cold.

Why Is AC Evaporator Coil Cleaning Important?

While you’re probably aware of the importance of keeping your HVAC air filters clean, you may not know much about evaporator coil cleaning and why it’s essential. As mentioned, the evaporator coil is a crucial component to keeping your air cool and comfortable. When these coils become dirty, they can reduce the system’s efficiency by up to 30%. A system that’s losing efficiency has to work harder to keep your house at the desired temperature, which means higher energy bills and a shortened system lifespan. Also, dirty evaporator coils are often the cause of freezing.

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How to Prevent Dirty Evaporator Coils

One of the quickest and least expensive things you can do to keep your evaporator coils clean is to change or clean your air filter regularly. Many experts recommend changing or cleaning the filter every few months, but depending on the air quality in your home, such as smoking or pets, you may want to change it every month. When the air filter becomes clogged, dirt and dust settle onto the coils instead of trapped in the filter.

Signs You Need Evaporator Coil Replacement

Since your evaporator coil is such a crucial component, it’s essential to know when it’s failing and requires replacing. Here are a few signs to watch for.

  • Warm Air: Now that you know your air conditioner works by removing warm air from the home when you notice an increase in humidity or warm air blowing from the vents, it could be the evaporator coil is damaged or corroded.
  • Frequent Cycling: If your air conditioner turns on and off frequently, it probably means you have frost buildup on the evaporator coils. When the coils can’t work correctly, the system’s cycles are shorter than usual, which causes additional strain on your HVAC.
  • Unusual Sounds: When the evaporator coils fail to function correctly, you may notice the system is making strange sounds, such as hissing, banging, or clanking.
  • Leaks: Since the evaporator coil is inside the house, it’s essential to be aware of leaks around the indoor unit.

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