Albers Staying Cool without Air Conditioning

Winter is approaching with cool weather, however parts of the country are still experiencing quite a warm fall. When the weather is in-between like this, it is natural to not want to use your A/C and run up your power bill. Here are some tips to help keep your home cool. When the mornings and evenings are cooler, open your windows and let that cool air come on in! You can set your A/C to the fan only setting to help push the cool air through the house and circulate it.

Pull your drapes and curtains back to let the air come in, but when the hot sun is out, closing the same drapes will stop your indoor temperature from rising. Using a fan can keep the air moving and help you stay cool. Box fans, ceiling fans and electric fans will all help do the job, especially for localized cooling. A box fan sucks in cold air if placed in a window and a ceiling fan will pull cool air up to the ceiling, which is where warm air lingers.

 A whole house fan works by cooling the entire house because it is installed in the attic and is very powerful and efficient. Try not to use your oven during the day, or even your washer and dryer as they can increase humidity levels inside. When cooking, use a ventilating fan to disperse hot air. Heat reflecting film can be purchased from your local hardware store and it is great for windows that face the sun. Not only will the film keep you cooler, but it can reduce the sun fading your furniture. Hopefully these tips have given you some ideas to use to fight the mid-season heat.

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