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Types of air conditioning
Types of air conditioning

Air conditioning has come a long way since its initial development. Thank goodness because we all know how hot it can be in Louisiana! Albers AC & Heating is more than happy to give you advice on what type of air conditioning will best suit your needs. As a consumer, you have a few type of AC systems to choose from. The split system is the most common system used. It is called a split system because it has inside and outside components.

The evaporator coil (removes heat from air) is inside and the condenser coil (releases heat) is outside. The compressor pushes refrigerant between each coil and is also outside. The cold air is pushed through the house via ductwork. A type of split system is the heat pump, which pumps heat from inside to the outside and in cooler months warms the house by extracting heat from outside.

Another option is a packaged central air conditioner which combines all the different elements into one unit. It is normally placed on a concrete slab or on the roof. Ducts are used to bring in air and then spread cool air inside. You find this system in many commercial buildings. If you live in a house with no ductwork, a ductless mini split system can be a good option.

It consists of an outdoor condenser and compressor and indoor units installed in different rooms, it is similar to a window unit in that sense. This allows you to cool one room at a time and have more control over what is being cooled and when. All of this information can be a little overwhelming, so when you decide to install a new AC in your business or home, call Albers AC and Heating and let us help guide you in choosing the best type of AC for your home.

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