Not satisfied with the air comfort levels in your home?


Have you noticed inconsistent temperatures room to room when the air conditioning is running? The air conditioning equipment is probably fine , but your air duct system probably needs some attention, and may benefit from air balancing.


Air Balancing is the the process of calibrating the airflow of each supply and return duct on a central air conditioning system to deliver even air temperatures throughout the building.

Your air conditioning systems air duct system is as important as the equipment that it attached to. The equipment cools and heats the air ,and the air ducts deliver the treated air to each room in the house. Each individual room usually has a different airflow volume requirement, the air duct air flow serving that space must be properly calibrated.

The Process

1.      A equipment performance test and cleaning is performed to ensure peak equipment capacity.

2.      A duct inspection is performed to identify issues with the air duct system. Air leaks , restrictions, undersized ducts damaged ducts must be repaired or replaced.

3.      Air measurements are taken with an accurate airflow hood at all supply and return ducts to see if they match the required measured room airflow needs.

4.      Each room air duct airflow rate is adjusted as required.

In addition to improving the comfort levels during the summer months, air balancing may also help increase the air conditioning systemʼs efficiency, decrease energy bills and extend the life of your central air conditioning and heating systems equipment.