Preventative Maintenance Plan


I want to take the time to touch on probably one of the most frequently asked questions — and hopefully simplify the answer for you. What is Preventative Maintenance ? Why is it a prepaid service ? Do I need to be on a maintenance plan? What do I get get as a result of being a member ? These are all very common questions. Like Many heating and air conditioning companies- we offer a maintenance plan. First off- you “don’t have” to be on it, however, I “DO” highly recommend it. All major manufacturers recommend it (most require to honor your warranty), and many major third party affiliations recommend this also! With Albers though, your getting more than just a quick clean and scrub twice a year and an annual letter in the mail. You join our family- and we will do our very best always to take care your needs. With our plan (which by the way is very competitively priced based on our competitors) you do get two annual tune ups. We do a full mechanical inspection of the electrical systems, refrigerant Systems, drain/plumbing systems, gas/heating systems, and air duct delivery systems. There are some items that we do once a year such as an outdoor unit cleaning- but there are also some

Very crucial items like the drain being blown are done twice a year. We have these tuneups strategically set up to keep your system running in its most efficient manner and prevent breakdowns. Many 98 degree Sunday breakdowns can be prevented by having a weak or worn problem corrected well before hand. Let’s face it- your unit always goes out either a weekend or holiday. Another benefit of being a member. You never pay an overtime fee. You also receive priority service. We are growing company- but rest assured we always take care of the people who have history with us— and take care of them well. Before we go and try to bring on new customers. We take pride in that. In addition to the tune ups, no overtime charges, priority service, you also have discounts available to you on repairs, service work, system accessories, even system replacements. The goal at the end of the day for us if your to join our family at Albers—we what we do best. Take care of your home’s heating and cooling system. At the end of the day, it’s your choice— but the benefits of the program are designed with the customer mind. From the entire team at Albers— Thank you and stay cool this summer!