Heat Pump Services in Mandeville and Slidell

A heat pump is the perfect solution for heating and cooling your home. Call Albers Air Conditioning in Slidell to find out more.

Don’t let the name heat pump fool you. When paired with an air handler, a heat pump is an excellent alternative for heating and cooling your home. Also, heat pumps are often more efficient and deliver superior performance over other heating and cooling methods. To determine if a heat pump can meet your household’s needs, call one of our trained experts for a consultation.

For more home cooling options, call and ask about installing a ductless mini-split AC system.

Heat Pump Benefits

Heating and cooling your home takes a lot of energy, so it’s best if you can find a system that delivers the best performance at the highest efficiency to save you money.

You may not realize it, but heat pumps are often more efficient than traditional HVAC systems because rather than requiring a fuel source like oil or gas, heat pumps extract heat from the air outside and bring it into the home. And, in the summer, the heat pump performs this action in reverse, so you get a heating and cooling system in one unit.

If you’ve never considered replacing your HVAC system with a heat pump, here are several things to consider.

  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Because heat pumps don’t burn fuel, it’s a more efficient and less demanding option for heating and cooling.
  • Lower Energy Bills: The more efficient a heating and cooling system is, the less energy it needs to do its job. So, since heat pumps don’t consume as much energy as traditional HVAC systems, you save significant amounts of money on your energy bills.
  • Better for the Environment: For those who are conscious about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that heat pumps are more environmentally friendly than other heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps produce lower emissions because they don’t require combustion to control the household temperature.
  • Greater Comfort: The average furnace or air conditioner can cause inconsistent temperature with sudden blasts of hot or cold air. Also, many traditional heating and cooling systems create a dry, uncomfortable environment in the house. A heat pump is a perfect alternative because they deliver consistent temperatures without drying out the indoor air.
  • Year-Round Comfort: The most significant benefit to installing a heat pump is that it provides both heating and cooling from the same unit. This not only delivers comfort all year long, but it’s easier to maintain and lasts longer than other heating and cooling methods.

If you’re still wondering if a heat pump is suitable for your household, call us for a consultation.

When to Call for Heat Pump Service

While a heat pump is a highly efficient heating and cooling system, they’re only as good as the shape they’re in like any machine. Your heat pump won’t do you any good if it’s worn down or hasn’t been adequately maintained. Here are the most common signs that your heat pump requires repair or maintenance.

  • Age: Although heat pumps last longer than traditional HVAC systems, they eventually wear out. Most manufacturers provide an estimate for how long your heat pump should last, so if yours is past its prime, consider replacing it sooner rather than later.
  • Spike in Electric Bills: Another sign that your heat pump may be failing is if you notice that your electric bills have skyrocketed. When heating and cooling systems lose efficiency, they use more energy to do their job, which means money out of your pocket.
  • Short Cycling: If your heat pump cycles on and off every few minutes, it signifies a significant problem. Short cycling produces excess wear and tear on your system and can cause your heat pump to wear down more quickly.
  • Stuck in One Mode: Reversing valves control the flow of refrigerant in your heat pump. So, if problems arise with the valve, it can lock the heat pump into either heating or cooling mode.
  • Strange Noises: Like spiking energy bills, if your heat pump suddenly starts making strange noises like hissing, gurgling, or grinding, it’s a sign that something isn’t working correctly.

At Albers Air Conditioning, we have over 30 years of experience delivering expert AC and heating services. Call our highly-trained team for help if you notice any issues with your heat pump.

What Makes Albers Air Conditioning the Best for Heat Pump Installation?

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