Furnace Repair in Mandeville and Slidell

Whether you need electric furnace repair or seasonal furnace maintenance, you can count on Albers Air Conditioning and our 30 plus years of experience.

Albers Air Conditioning is a family-owned company that’s served the residents in Mandeville, Covington, and Slidell, LA, for over 30 years. We depend on our reputation, which is why we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and highly trained technicians who know how to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today when you need a dependable furnace contractor.

At Albers Air Conditioning, we also provide expert air conditioner repair. Contact us today to find out more!

Why You Need a Furnace Tune-up

Once the leaves begin turning and the kids are back in school, you know that fall is right around the corner, which means chilly nights are on the way. To ensure your furnace is ready to deliver the performance you desire, you should consider a furnace tune-up. Here are the top five reasons to schedule regular maintenance with a furnace contractor.

  • Furnace tune-ups: Identify leaks, corrosion, and other issues with your system.
  • Regular tune-ups and maintenance: Reduce the chance of catastrophic system failures when you need your heater the most.
  • Seasonal tune-ups and maintenance: Keep your system running efficiently, keeping you more comfortable and saving you money on your utility bills.
  • Most furnace warranties: Are voided if you fail to conduct routine maintenance. And while there are some things you can do yourself to keep your furnace in top condition, it’s always best to hire a pro for annual checkups.
  • Regular tune-ups and maintenance: Ensure that your furnace is safe and isn’t emitting poisonous carbon monoxide.

If you’ve never had a professional furnace tune-up, or can’t remember the last time you did, don’t wait until winter to find out if your heater will work or not. Call us today and ask about our furnace maintenance service.

How to Maintain Your Furnace for Best Results

Keeping your furnace well-maintained is crucial to getting the most comfort and best performance out of your system. Regular maintenance also increases how long your furnace lasts and allows you to catch minor problems and fix them before they turn into catastrophes. Here are a few simple things you can do to keep your furnace in the best condition.

  • Check and make sure the pilot light is on. Some older furnaces require that you ignite the pilot light by hand.
  • Vacuum dust and debris from the blower and around the unit. Also, check with your user’s manual to find out how to lubricate the blower motor.
  • Clean or change your dirty air filters at least every three months or more frequently if you have polluted indoor air.
  • Check the flue for gaps and make sure you have good ventilation to the outside.
  • Vacuum dust and dirt from all of the registers in the house.
  • Call a furnace contractor for annual maintenance and tune-ups.

Seasonal furnace maintenance keeps your furnace running efficiently, which saves you money on your utility bills. Also, with regular maintenance, you can prevent many of the severe problems that occur when people fail to take care of these systems.

We offer many financing options if you need a new heater installation. Schedule a consultation today!

Why Albers Air Conditioning Should Be Your Go-to Furnace Contractor

Residents in Mandeville, Covington, Slidell, and the surrounding areas have many options for reliable furnace repair. However, not every company is created equal.

Albers Air Conditioning is a trusted, family-owned heating and AC service that’s been around for over 30 years. We use the latest technology to ensure your home is warm and comfortable just the way you like it. Also, we provide affordable maintenance plans to keep your heater in tip-top shape.

Albers Air Conditioning is your professional heating company. We provide fast, reliable repairs and full-blown replacements you can depend on for many years to come.

The next time you need furnace service or replacement in Slidell, call the experts at Albers Air Conditioning at 985-624-8831.