Heating Repair in Mandeville and Slidell

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When to Call a Heating Repair Company

When winter is rolling in, you know it’s only a matter of time before you’ll call on your heater to fire up and keep you comfortable for a few months. However, sometimes the heater isn’t performing the way it used to or simply won’t kick on at all. Here are the telltale signs to watch for that say you should call a heating contractor ASAP before the system fails.

  • Unexpectedly High Utility Bills: When your utility bills suddenly spike for no discernable reason, it could be that your heater has lost efficiency and is working harder to do the same job it did before. While it’s not uncommon for power providers to raise rates gradually if you notice a sudden rise, call for a heater inspection.
  • Yellow Burner Flame: For those who use a gas-powered furnace, you should be familiar with the blue flame, which signals a healthy furnace. However, if you notice the flame is yellow, it means there’s something wrong with your heater, which could impact your health. A yellow flame indicates excessive carbon monoxide, which is poisonous to humans. If you see that your burner flame is any other color than blue, call a contractor for repairs.
  • The Furnace Makes Odd Noises: An older furnace is prone to occasional rattling or creaking; however, if the system begins making loud noises you’ve not heard before, like grinding or squealing, it’s time to call in the pros for help.
  • You Can’t Get Comfortable: If you constantly get up to adjust the thermostat because you can’t get comfortable, it could mean that the heating system can no longer meet your needs.
  • Age: Like all machines, your heater won’t last forever. The average lifespan of a heater or furnace is 15-25 years, and that’s with regular maintenance. If your furnace is getting long in the tooth, it’s time to consider replacing it now before it completely fails when you need it the most.

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How to Keep Your Heater Healthy

Like your car, your heater performs better and lasts longer with routine maintenance. Since the last thing you want is for your system to break down in the middle of winter, here are a few tips to ensure your heater is ready to fight Old Man Winter when he arrives.

  • Clean or Change the Filter: Your furnace won’t get the air required for optimal operation if the filter is clogged. Experts recommend cleaning or changing the filter every one to three months.
  • Check the Heat Exchanger: If there’s a crack in the heat exchanger, it can cause the pilot light to blow out, which results in you not getting heat. Also, a large crack could upset the steady furnace flame and, in some instances, cause a fire.
  • Keep Vents Free From Obstruction: Check the vents to make sure they’re not blocked by furniture, boxes, toys, or other obstructions. If the vents are blocked, it can make the furnace work harder, reducing its lifespan and raising your utility bills.
  • Call for a Heater Tune-up: Getting regular tune-ups and maintenance from a trained furnace professional is essential for keeping your furnace in tip-top condition. Your heating contractor knows precisely what to look for and can find those minor problems now before they develop into expensive repair headaches later.

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What to Expect During a Heating Tune-up

While most Slidell residents don’t think about their heaters until they break down or require repairs, this isn’t a good way to go about things. We know that life is busy, but you need to take care of your furnace to take care of you when you need it. When you call a heating maintenance company for a tune-up, here’s what you can expect.

  • Detailed Inspection: The heating contractor will perform a thorough inspection of your system, including leaks or damage to the air ducts, the efficiency of the pilot light, loose wires or connections, and moisture or corrosion in the unit.
  • Deep Cleaning: Besides a detailed inspection, the technician will perform a thorough cleaning of your heater to ensure every part is working correctly and that you get the best air quality.
  • Identify Problems: The primary reason to get an annual heater tune-up is to catch minor issues before developing major problems that are expensive to repair.

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