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3 Air Conditioner Repair Tips From the Pros

Professional Tips for Solving Air Conditioning Concerns

Many homeowners don’t think about regularly maintaining their air conditioning system because it’s working properly and providing the home occupants with a great living environment. However, not maintaining the system will cause major problems later on and reduce the life of the equipment. Proper maintenance and regular inspections from licensed air conditioning repair professionals will help homeowners educate themselves on their systems while improving their quality of life!

Frequently Change the Air Filterfilter

System manufacturers recommend changing the system filter at least once every 90 days. Still, every 30 days is the recommendation for households with pets or home occupants who have allergies to common allergens like dust, dander, or pollen. 

Changing the filter regularly will keep the unit clean and prevent overtaxing the system. Dirty air filters prevent airflow throughout the home and can push airborne contaminants back into the home, which can cause respiratory issues. The anticipated useful life of an air conditioning system is 15 to 20 years, but one can reduce that to 10 to 15 years. 

Full house systems cost thousands of dollars to replace. In contrast, the filters will cost between $20 and $40 on average and are fairly easy to change out without needing assistance from a professional.

thermostatMake Sure the Thermostat Is Working Properly

If the house is not cooling properly or maintaining a consistent temperature, it could be the AC unit or the thermostat not functioning properly. Start by checking if the thermostat is in the “locked” or “auto” mode if resetting the home’s temperature is not working. 

If the temperature cannot be maintained, check to see if the battery needs to be changed or if the unit is receiving power. Sometimes, the breaker gets flipped, which causes a loss of power to the thermostat. 

Older thermostats might have corrosion, or the wires might need to be checked for a good connection. Dust can get trapped in between the unit and the wall, so taking the unit off the wall and gently cleaning could improve the issues. Other times, older units need to be replaced with a new unit as their useful life has just worn out.

Get the AC Maintained Annually

A local service company will offer air conditioner maintenance plans annually to clean, inspect, and maintain the full system. Inspections can find minor problems before those problems become major problems. Cleaning the exterior unit of debris and checking refrigerant levels can make sure summer is a great experience! Other maintenance items done are checking power to and from the unit and checking lines for signs of freezing. 

A benefit of purchasing an annual maintenance plan is that most companies will offer discounts on repairs or service fees, head of the line privilege during emergencies or peak times of the year, and a warranty on work performed.  

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