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Benefits of Installing a New Dehumidifier

Why Is Humidity an Issue? 

Humidity is a term used to quantify the amount of moisture held in the air indoors or outside. Water always exists in the air to some degree as a gas; that’s humidity. In warmer climates, as with local conditions, indoor humidity can get so high that it becomes a comfort issue and contributes to several health and safety problems. 

Luckily, one can easily control indoor humidity with a dehumidifier. Instead of staying in stifling air inside the home, get cooler and more comfortable air by installing a dehumidifier. Most homeowners even see their cooling bills go down after installing one. Read on to learn more about these cool machines. 

What Do Dehumidifiers Do?

humidifierWhat a dehumidifier does is right in the name: it removes humidity from the air. It does this by capturing water vapor and condensing it into a liquid so one can drain it away while the drier air is passed back into the living space. The result is more comfortable air that is healthier for those living in the home. 

Dehumidifiers work pretty much the same as an air conditioner works to remove humidity. Air conditioners passively remove humidity from the air because warmer, moist air blows over a cold coil to cool the air. In the process, water vapor condenses on the coils and is drained away, just like the sweat on a cold glass in the heat of summer. 

Dehumidifiers are an essential part of an overall comfort strategy for many homes. They can be portable units packed away during the winter when humidity naturally drops, or one can install whole-home dehumidifiers to work in concert with the AC to keep the home comfortable. 

Signs that a Dehumidifier Can Help

signsHow can homeowners tell that they need a dehumidifier? 
  • Comfort: Homeowners can quickly conclude that a dehumidifier is right for them when they get tired of hot, stifling air circulating the home. Even a cooled home with high humidity will feel sticky and clammy. 
  • Health Issues: High humidity contributes to mold growth, especially in bathrooms and around windows. Mold growth can contribute to allergies or be toxic in high enough concentrations. 
  • Hygiene: Humidity is the number one cause of dank and musty smells. Even if homes are clean, the moisture in the air will have a recognizable odor despite the homeowner’s best attempts. 

Benefits of Controlling Humidity with Dehumidifiers 

If humidity problems are noticed, the solutions are easy. By making a dehumidifier part of a strategy to reduce humidity in a house, homeowners can see benefits like:

  • Increased comfort by being able to live in air that isn’t heavy and clammy
  • Reduced electricity bills since drier air feels more comfortable even at higher temperatures 
  • Improved health by supporting natural lung immunity with good clean air
  • A cleaner home from removing the source of odors and giving air a second filtration
  • Easy-to-use operation that makes using dehumidifiers a hands-off process 

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