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Easy Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality This Month

What Is Indoor Air Quality? Does It Matter?

Indoor air quality is one of those things homeowners don’t notice until it’s bad. It refers to the health and “breathability” of air inside the home. If one can comfortably breathe inside without respiratory problems, they probably have good indoor air quality.

Matters change if one feels dizzy, tired, or cloudy. Matters also change if one chronically suffers from sneezing, coughing, and headaches. That could mean invisible indoor air pollutants compromise the home’s habitability. Here, homeowners can learn all about maintaining the best possible air quality – all at little to no cost.

Poor Air Quality Comes with Many Adverse Health Effects

bad air effectsAs noted, poor air quality can affect one’s respiratory system, impairing their quality of life. Per Healthline, some of these long-term health effects include:

  • Fatigue
  • Feeling “cloudy” or confused
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Headaches
  • Chest pain
  • Irritation of the throat, ears, and nose

One may try various over-the-counter medications to ease these symptoms, only to find temporary relief. They will find no permanent relief until they get to the root of their home’s poor air quality.

It’s also worth noting that, left untreated, these seemingly minor conditions can morph into larger health issues, including cardiac distress, cancers, and bronchitis. Poor air quality can also increase the transfer of the virus and other airborne illnesses.

Changing the AC Unit’s Air Filter Increases Air Quality

air filter changePeople usually think of the evaporator or the condenser when asked about their AC system’s parts. They rarely acknowledge one of the most important parts: the air filter. These screens filter out dander, dirt, dust, and other particles from the home’s air. However, like all good things, they don’t last forever.

EnergyStar reports that one should change their AC’s air filter once every three months for the best possible air quality. They may consider doing so more often if:

  • They have pets, such as dogs and cats, in the home
  • There is carpeted flooring or many rugs
  • There are a lot of people living in the house
  • AC is always on, and the home has a small square footage

Before purchasing an air filter, one should know its dimensions first. If the air filter is too small, the AC system may not work as expected. Knowing the appropriate dimensions saves both time and frustration.

Portable Air Cleaners Promote Indoor Air Quality

A portable air purifier or sanitizer can work wonders for a home’s indoor air quality. Here’s why:

  • Air purifiers: These devices use fans and air filters to strain to contaminate from the home’s air. They can repeat the same process several times an hour, making the air more breathable with each cycle.
  • Air sanitizers: Unlike air purifiers, air sanitizers focus on neutralizing viruses and other airborne germs. They are not the same as air fresheners and do not emit odors.

Many sources note that having an air purifier work in tandem with an air sanitizer can promote the best indoor air quality. A seasoned professional can assess one’s living conditions and explain more.

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