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Heater Tips to Prepare the Home for Fall

Get the Heater Ready for the Cold 

Fall is here, which means everyone is starting to fire up their furnaces and heaters to take the edge off those chilly nights. This time of year marks the beginning of the heating season, so the heater has a lot of work to do from here on out. Preparing the heater for the coming season is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make to maintain the reliability of the heating system and reduce heating bills over the fall and winter. 

To better prepare the heater for winter, remember a few simple tips. Here are the top recommendations from local heating service experts to help homeowners prepare their heaters for cooler weather. 

Schedule Heating Maintenance 

Heaters have a lot of work and use many moving parts to get it done. Working hard for so many months can take a toll on the equipment, not to mention the double duty done by the blower in a central heating system. Heater maintenance is a practice used by professionals to help turn back the clock on the heater so that it can be ready for the coming season. Some of the benefits of scheduling professional heater maintenance or a tune-up are: 

  • Lower heating costs
  • Less likelihood of emergency repairs
  • Increase longevity of heating and cooling equipment
  • More comfortable home
  • Higher-quality indoor air 

Allowing an expert the opportunity to do preventive cleaning, lubrication, and inspections at the beginning of the heating season can pay off. Schedule heating maintenance and tune-ups now to beat the fall rush. 

Replace the Air Filters

air filter Every heating and cooling system has a filter that protects the equipment from damage that can occur when dust accumulates within the machine. Experts recommend changing air filters at least every three months throughout the year to protect the machine. But, the fall filter change may be the most important of all. 

Apart from protecting the heating and cooling equipment, air filters help protect the air quality in the home. During the fall, the air in a home can hold vast amounts of dust, allergens, and pathogens. This pollution can drastically affect lung health, leading to negative health outcomes until the exposure is removed. By changing the air filter out at the beginning of the fall, the air in the home will be cleaner, and the family will be less likely to contract and spread illnesses. 

Track Energy Bills 

smart thermostatEnergy bills are a double-edged sword. On one side, there are the high costs of energy. On the other, a warm, comfortable home is a great thing. Maybe the best use for energy bills is to view them as a monthly energy audit. High energy bills can indicate that the heater is working too hard and something may be wrong, or they can indicate that the owner needs to focus on energy efficiency. If high energy bills are a problem, add weatherstripping around windows and doors to maintain heat. Additionally, smart thermostats can reduce the total runtime of a heater, drastically reducing bills. 

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