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Is That a Ghost or Just the Air Conditioner?

Uncovering Haunting Sounds That Indicate the Need for Air Conditioning Service

As Halloween rolls around, there are plenty of reminders that scary things are always around. Halloween can be a great reminder to try and be light-hearted about what can stress people out. For homeowners, a constant source of stress is that homeownership often comes with problems like trouble with the air conditioner

The need for air conditioner repair can make itself known in various ways, but one of the most common indicators that repairs are needed are the noises that a broken AC can make. Instead of living with the haunting noises wailing out of an ailing air conditioner, take control. Fall is a great time to schedule AC maintenance or air conditioner replacement. This guide to air conditioner noises can help homeowners know who to call when problems arise. 

Disruptive Noises Like Banging plumber

The first spooky noise on the list is banging noises. Banging noises can come from the blower unit or from somewhere in the ductwork. Most often, banging noises are the result of loose parts that are knocking into each other. When banging noises become common in an air conditioner, it is important to call for repairs soon. Banging noises that are allowed to persist can cause greater damage, leading to more extensive repairs. 

If banging noises are heard along the ductwork, then the ducts are to blame. Normally ductwork should be adequately anchored to prevent its movement. As ductwork expands and contracts with heating and cooling, poorly anchored ductwork can make noises that are best described as banging. During an air conditioner maintenance visit, a technician will inspect a blower and ductwork for possible causes of reported noises. 

Unnerving Grinding Noisescompressor

Squealing or grinding noises are the second dreadful noise on the list. These noises are usually indicators that AC maintenance has been neglected. Most commonly, a squealing noise is the result of a loose fan belt. The noise will likely come from the blower unit as the blower turns on during a cooling cycle. 

Similarly, a grinding noise that is heard near the compressor unit indicates there is a problem in the compressor. Under normal circumstances, the refrigerant in a compressor lubricates the compressor and prevents grinding or squealing. When refrigerant is low due to a leak or poor maintenance, the sound can be noticeable. 

Piercing Hissing or Whistling Noises

The last noise on the list is often another symptom of the problems that cause the second noise on this list. Hissing or whistling noises are indications that a leak is occurring. Leaks can occur in an AC unit in two ways. First, the refrigerant held in the coils can leak out and cause a hissing noise. AC maintenance can prevent leaks from occurring and keep refrigerant levels topped off in the case of a leak. 

The second source of hissing noises is an air leak. Air leaks can occur in the blower cabinet or in ducts that have pulled apart or become damaged. An AC technician can diagnose the source of any noise in an air conditioner and recommend repairs or replacement of air conditioner components. 

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