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Is the House Haunted or is That Just the Air Conditioner

Signs and Sounds That the AC Needs Repairs

While the rest of the nation rushes to get the heater turned on, local conditions dictate that the air conditioner still has a little work to do before the end of the warm season. After a long and brutal summer, the air conditioner may be showing signs that it needs some attention. Fixing the problems early can be the difference between minor and serious repairs, so it always pays to pay attention. 

This Halloween, make sure the air conditioner isn’t haunted. Look out for these signs that trouble is brewing and call a qualified professional for assistance. 

Loud Sounds in the Blower Cabinet

soundsOverworked air conditioners tend to make their problems known by emitting spooky noises. Normally an air conditioner shouldn’t make too much noise apart from the gentle sound of air passing through ductwork and the hum of the fan. When noises other than these are apparent, serious troubles could be coming soon. Listen for sounds like:

  • Squealing: Belts in the air conditioner may come loose or stretch during the summer. When belts get loose, they slip and make a loud squealing noise. 
  • Grinding: Grinding is an indication that mechanical problems are occurring. Grinding usually results from a dry bearing that is wearing out or metal pieces rubbing together. 
  • Rattling: This is an indication of loose parts in the fan cabinet. The sound won’t get any better until professional looks for the source and makes the necessary repairs. 

If any of these sounds are observed, it is best not to wait. AC professionals can find and fix the problems quickly before the problem spreads and repairs get more complicated and expensive. 

Broken Thermostat

thermostatThe thermostat is the brain of the air conditioner, so if something is wrong with it, the whole system can be out of whack. Whether the thermostat is telling the system to warm the home or cool it, the whole operation depends on it being reliable. Checking the thermostat is one of the best ways to make sure that it is keeping the home comfortable and keeping utility bills in check. 

Checking the thermostat can be as easy as scheduling professional maintenance twice per year or doing a few simple DIY tests. First, installing a thermometer near the thermostat gives the homeowner constant assurance that it is reading the temperature correctly. Second, monitoring cooling bills throughout the year ensures that one will notice spikes in cost so homeowners can schedule a tune-up to restore efficiency. 

Uneven Cooling Around the Home 

How many ghosts shows on TV indicate the presence of the paranormal by acknowledging hot and cool spots around the home? Maybe they’re just in a house with a neglected air conditioner. Uneven cooling in the home can be a sign that things aren’t right with the air conditioner. If uneven cooling is apparent, call a professional to diagnose the cause. Usually, it will involve restricted airflow due to blocked vents or broken blower fans. 

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