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Keep the Heating System Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Keep Your Home From Being Pinched By High Energy Bills

Green is the color of St. Patrick’s Day, but all of the green trappings of the holiday are great reminders to go green by reducing energy usage. The heater is one of the home’s biggest energy hogs, whether powered by natural gas or electricity. During the winter, heating bills can start to add up, and homeowners may start looking for ways to reduce energy costs. As luck would have it, going green and saving are two great goals that support each other. 

Reduce energy costs, there are several things that homeowners can do. Here is a list supplied by local comfort experts that can help homeowners lower their energy bills for the winter and consequently be a little greener at the same time. 

Know How to Use Ceiling Fans


Until the last few decades, ceiling fans were the only climate control that most buildings had. Back then, everyone knew the best ways to employ them for comfort, but that knowledge is largely lost in homes constantly controlled by heaters. Using the fans properly is a great way to increase comfort while reducing bills. 

Proper fan use depends on the season. In the winter, the draft and buffeting from the fan blades have a cooling effect. No one wants that in the winter. However, heat gets trapped up near the ceiling, where no one can benefit from it. To overcome this problem, run the fan counterclockwise in the winter to push warm air down around the room’s edges where no one will be bothered by the draft. In the summer, run the fan clockwise to enjoy the cooling effect of the draft from the fan. 

Replace Air Filters

Efficiency in an air conditioner or heater is all about the free movement of air. Any time air movement is restricted, the system will have to work harder to keep the home at a set temperature. One of the biggest points of inefficiency that is attributed to restricted air movement is in the air filter. 

During the seasons, air filters clog with dust and allergens. As these particles accumulate, air quality decreases hand-in-hand with efficient air movement. Replacing filters every three months is the best way to ensure unrestricted airflow and thus keep the air cleaner and bills lower. 

Select and Install a Smart Thermostat

One of the biggest sources of inefficiency on the heating bill is simply wasted energy. Energy waste occurs any time the heater is running, but no one is home to enjoy it. In the old days, the man of the house would turn the thermostat down during a winter day to save energy. A smart thermostat can do the same to a much greater effect in modern times. 

Smart thermostats use technology to save money by only heating the home when necessary. They determine the movement patterns of the family and allow the home to cool during the day. When everyone begins to return home, they warm the home back up in a seamless process that no one will notice. By doing this, homeowners can save tons of money on heating bills. 

About Albers Air Conditioning

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