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Need To Clean Your Evaporator Coil? Keep An Eye Out For These Three Signs

The Importance of Professional Evaporator Coil Cleaning

AC evaporator coils are one of the most important parts of a home’s air conditioning system. Its main function is to absorb heat indoors using a refrigerant that runs through tubes made of copper. As the fans over the copper tubes blow warm air, the refrigerant absorbs the heat and transforms from its liquid state into gas, sent to the outdoor compressor unit that cools it back into liquid form. 

Because it is such a crucial part of an AC’s ability to cool a room, it is important to keep evaporator coils clean and free from dirt, dust, and debris that may impact its performance. Therefore, it is beneficial for a dirty evaporator coil to be serviced by a professional who can restore it to good working condition; if not, homeowners will be alerted by the following signs that the AC coils are already dirty and need professional maintenance.

Reduced Cooling Capability

hotHomeowners who notice that their air conditioners don’t seem to be cooling their homes sufficiently no matter how long the unit’s been running may be correct to suspect that this is because of a dirty evaporator coil. As with all things, dirt and dust can affect a machine’s performance, and evaporator coils are no exception. If warm air keeps coming out of the air registers, it might be time to consider cleaning the AC’s evaporator coils professionally.

Presence of Frost

frostA frozen evaporator coil is another sign of dirt and dust accumulating on the copper tubes. When this layer of dust gets thick enough, it prevents the coils from absorbing enough heat from the air, causing moisture to build up on the surface. This moisture freezes with the cold temperatures and forms a layer of frost that can cause serious problems for the air conditioner. If frost is present on the coils, a professional HVAC technician must be called to deal with the repair.

AC Running Longer Cycles

Another telltale sign of dirty evaporator coils is if the AC seems to be running longer than it used to achieve the same temperature. Longer cooling cycles may be because of the coils’ reduced capacity to absorb heat, which takes longer to cool a room than when it is clean. 

Not only does this create unnecessary stress and extra wear and tear on the HVAC unit, but it also means higher energy bills because the AC runs longer. Suppose the higher cost of electricity, as well as the possibility of having to spend extra for repair or early replacement due to a worn-out AC, is something that homeowners want to avoid. In that case, it is time to bring the professionals to clean the evaporator coils.

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