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Patriotic Fun Facts About Air Conditioning That Everyone Should Know!

Interesting Air Conditioning Facts Homeowners Can Benefit From Knowing

Many of the medications that we rely on are dependent on AC units. Researchers require less humid air in their laboratories to get more accurate studies. Another interesting fact is that the first pseudo air conditioner was created in China around 180 AD. It was constructed from rotary fans and seven connected wheels. Lastly, the “father” of AC was John Gorrie, a Floridian doctor who, in 1842, developed a machine that made ice to cool the air for his patients. He later got a patent to create machines of similar function for homes and buildings. Homeowners can learn more fun facts just like this one by continuing to read below!


July 17th Is National AC Day: It’s Time To Commemorate!

Many Americans diversely commemorate Patriots Day. Americans fly the flag in front of their homes in honor of those who have bravely served. It is a day of solidarity and patriotism. Battle reenactments, grilling, movie-going, parades—these are just a few of the ways Americans commiserate the holiday. Traditionally, several sporting events are held on this day. 

Occurring on the third Monday of April each year, Patriots Day is only followed closely by National AC Day. Yes, that’s right, there is a day to celebrate AC! 

Commemorate this day by doing some of the following:

  • Turning the AC off to get a glimpse of what it would be like to live without air conditioning 
  • Try the opposite and stay home in the AC to enjoy it fully!
  • Call a professional to have the system professionally maintained to ensure it is properly cared for
  • Change the air filter!

AC Was Proudly Invented in America 

We’ve got another holiday most people do not know: National AC Day! June 7th is National AC Day, and on this day, the world got a lot cooler. Willis Carrier invented the modern-day air conditioning unit in New York on July 17th, 1902. The concepts for his invention would evolve to expand the climates ordinary people could functionally live and work in. His work launched an industry that would improve the way we live, work, and play.

Speaking of the holiday season, the US is one of the biggest air conditioning consumers in the entire world. Its general heat tolerance has decreased because of the innovations in air conditioning units. 


The Phrase “Summer Blockbuster” Came From Air Conditioning

Where was the first AC unit used? The movie theatres! Cinema theatres used AC units as a plot to convince moviegoers to come to their movies. Theatres would release big pictures in the summer, coining the term “summer blockbusters.” In the 1930s, movie theaters started to see more movies screened during the summer months as a way for people to enjoy AC. 

Before this time, movie theatres saw low turnouts in the summer months, when people preferred to be outside rather than indoors. The box office hit Jaws was timed to come out in the summer to intentionally scare beachgoers. Later, Star Wars premiered two years later, cementing the summer blockbuster genre. Blockbusters became known for their ability to generate lines for cinemas that would wrap around the block. 

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