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Remember to Clean the Air Ducts During Spring Cleaning

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Duct Cleaning 

If everyone has one complaint during the spring, it is allergies. In spring, flowers, grasses, and trees compete for production by dumping massive amounts of pollen particles into the air. When humans inhale these particles, it causes irritation and mild illness. 

Most people don’t know that allergies are almost always made worse by the poor indoor air quality in the home. Indeed, with cleaner indoor air, most people can more easily control their allergies and find that allergy season is much shorter and more manageable. 

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to take steps towards cleaner indoor air. There is no reason to take it easy when it comes to being miserable from allergies. Attack allergies on all fronts and earn back the right to enjoy the spring. Here is some advice from local indoor air quality experts to help homeowners fight against allergies.

Why is Duct Cleaning Necessary? 

air ductRegarding indoor air quality in every home, most problems can be traced back to ductwork. It’s no surprise that allergens can lurk in the ducts when considering that all of the air in the home passes through them multiple times per day. As air passes through ductwork, dust, allergens, and mold can cling to the inside of the ducts, where it gets released back into the air with every heating and cooling system cycle. 

When dust and allergens are removed from ductwork, the problems that can be solved by duct cleaning are: 

  • Reduction of odors in the home
  • Improved lung health
  • Fewer allergies
  • Better skin
  • Healthier eyes
  • A tidier home 
  • Improved AC efficiency 

Signs That Air Duct Cleaning is Overdue 

Experts generally recommend that air ducts be cleaned every two to five years. This can lead to confusion regarding the best time to clean air ducts. Luckily, some obvious signs indicate that air duct cleaning is necessary. Looking out for these signs is a better gauge of how often air ducts should be cleaned. 

Some of the signs that air duct cleaning is needed are: 

  • Odors that can’t be eliminated in the home
  • Dust clings to supply grates
  • Allergy-like symptoms are common even out of season
  • Mold problems
  • Poor air circulation
  • High energy bills
  • High humidity during the summer 

How to Maintain Air Ducts Over the Years 

air filterOnce air duct cleaning is complete, most people want to know how to keep them clean to enjoy fresher air for longer. The secret is simple: keep the home cleaner. 

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to double down on cleaning goals around the home. Keeping a tidier home with less dust will protect air ducts far better than any other practice. To maintain clean ductwork, remember to: 

  • Change air filters quarterly
  • Wash towels and bedding once a week
  • Sweep and vacuum the floor every couple of days
  • Dust flat surfaces weekly
  • Keep pets clean

About Albers Air Conditioning

Albers Air Conditioning is ready to help everyone beat spring allergies. Their technicians can help by installing air purifiers and handling seasonal maintenance. Call for same-day duct cleaning service in Mandeville, LA every day of the week!

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