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Smart Thermostats: This Year’s Best High-Tech Holiday Gift

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of a New Smart Thermostat!

Every year, loads of new high-tech gadgets and toys seem to be hitting the shelves just in time for the holidays. Some are handy, some are purely for entertainment, and some are a little bit of both. But there’s one piece of cutting-edge technology that most people probably don’t consider when making their wishlists – a smart thermostat.

While it may not seem like the most exciting or extravagant gift, a new smart thermostat can dramatically improve a home’s comfort and efficiency and make any homeowner’s life easier. So keep reading to discover the many benefits and features of today’s smart thermostats – and a few tips for spotting existing thermostat issues!

Signs It’s Time for a New Thermostat

thermostatA faulty or outdated thermostat can cause the HVAC system to malfunction and needlessly drive up energy bills, so it’s vital to catch thermostat issues as early as possible. The most common signs of a faulty thermostat include:

  • The system continually turns itself on or off
  • The thermostat doesn’t respond to temperature changes
  • Short cycling (the system frequently turns off before fully completing a heating or cooling cycle)
  • Incorrect temperature readings (this can be tested using a basic indoor thermometer)

Other signs it may be time for thermostat replacement include unusually high energy bills and uneven cooling or heating throughout the home. Suppose the thermostat is old (more than 10 years), analog, or non-programmable. In that case, replacing it with a newer model is probably a good idea, as outdated thermostats limit energy efficiency and are more likely to malfunction.

Smart Thermostat Benefits

benefitsWhen it does come time to replace the thermostat, there are several reasons why homeowners should consider installing a smart thermostat. The most appealing benefit for most homeowners is that they can help save money on energy bills by letting them fine-tune their HVAC usage through various features (more on that later). Depending on the model, a smart thermostat can save homeowners anywhere from 10% to 23% on their heating and cooling costs!

But a smart or WiFi thermostat has other benefits, such as letting homeowners control their home’s temperature remotely from their mobile device, making it easier to create a custom schedule, and increasing overall home comfort.

So Many Handy Features!

Even the most basic smart thermostats allow homeowners to adjust their thermostats from a smartphone or tablet, but some come with additional features that take this idea to the next level. Geofencing, for instance, uses that mobile device connection to track when homeowners are leaving or coming home and adjust the temperature accordingly – so homeowners can come home to a warm house in the winter and a cool one in the summer without wasting energy.

Many smart thermostats also have occupancy sensors or “smart setback” features that will tell the system to change to a more efficient temperature setting if the house is empty. Other common smart thermostat features include energy usage reports, voice control, service reminders, and compatibility with other devices and smart home systems.

Naturally, models with the most advanced features tend to cost more, while simpler smart thermostats with fewer bells and whistles have a lower price tag. So before going out and getting a new smart thermostat, homeowners should consult a trusted local HVAC company to determine which thermostat is best for their specific needs!

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