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This Year, Give Dad the Coolest Father’s Day Gift Ever!

Give Dad the Gift of a Cool New AC This Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is all about letting dads know how important they are and how much they’re appreciated. And nothing says those things like a brand new air conditioner. It may seem strange, but an AC can improve Dad’s life in a variety of ways, from enhancing his comfort and well-being to saving him some of that hard-earned bacon he’s always bringing home.

Instead of letting Dad sweat it out all summer as his ancient AC teeters on the brink of collapse, why not treat him to a brand new unit that will keep him cool for many summers to come? Keep reading to learn about a few of the biggest benefits dads can enjoy with a brand new AC!

A New AC Can Help Prevent Health Problemshvac

The first main benefit of a new AC system is that it can make Dad’s home a healthier place to live. The indoor air quality is typically lower in homes with very old AC systems, thanks in part to the gradual buildup of dirt and dust inside the unit and ducts. The more dust is inside the system, the more will be kicked around and circulated throughout the house. 

Aging units may also fail to remove enough moisture from the indoor air, leading to mold growth in the house, inside dirty ducts, or in and around the unit itself. In the extreme humidity of Louisiana summers, this is a fairly common problem. Both mold and dust can lead to eye irritation, sinus problems, and even severe respiratory illness. A new AC, clean ducts, and a fresh filter will help keep humidity levels down and trap dust before it can cause problems.

Cooler Temperatures Can Improve Productivity & Sleep Qualitysleeping

Another benefit of a new AC is improved cooling power. If the old unit works and works but the house is always too warm, it can have surprising repercussions. Recent studies have shown that sleep patterns tend to be better and more consistent in a fairly cool room, typically around 60 to 68 degrees. Too much warmth (or cold) can be disruptive to the body’s natural sleep rhythms.

There’s also evidence to suggest that a cooler environment improves productivity and focus- at least to an extent. Anyone who’s ever tried to work or sleep in a room that’s too warm knows that there’s some truth to these findings. A dependable and powerful new AC is a great way to make sure Dad isn’t distracted by being too hot and can get the great night’s sleep he deserves.

New Energy Efficient AC Models Can Save Money

The third significant benefit of replacing Dad’s old AC unit is improved energy efficiency. His AC may have been the state of the art when it first came out, but HVAC technology moves pretty fast – if it was made more than 10 years ago, it’s virtually obsolete at this point. Newer models are simply designed to use less electricity. In fact, upgrading to a new energy-saving AC can save up to 50% on annual electricity usage. 

And there are so many different models to choose from, which means the perfect one for Dad is just waiting to be picked. But of course, it’s crucial to have an HVAC specialist assess the home and its needs to ensure the new unit is correctly sized and can be installed without a hitch.

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